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Host an international language and cooking incursion at your school!

Language & School Cooking Incursions since 2006

Our aim is to empower students with knowledge and skills that develop confidence while working as part of a team in a safe environment. Every student creates and eats their healthy, authentic dish.





Cuisines & Dishes

Italian Language and Cuisine


Pasta fresca, Risotto, Salame di cioccolato, Strudel col gelato, Tiramisu all’ananas, Semifreddo

French Language and Cuisine


Crêpes, Galettes, Canons de D’Artagnan

Chinese Language and Cuisine


San choy bow, Chinese dumplings

Spanish Language and Cuisine


Albòndigas, Tortilla, Gazpacho, Guacamole nachos

Japanese Language and Cuisine


Shiitake mushroom rice, Sushi, Yakiudon noodle stir-fry

German Language and Cuisine


Apfelstrudel, Spätzle

Meet Chef Luca

Meet Chef Luca

Chef Luca is from Verona, Italy and grew up in the Valpolicella region on his family’s beautiful vineyard where he was surrounded by exceptional food, wine, and culture.

Luca’s family taught him the importance of cooking authentic, quality Italian food and much of his adult life has been devoted to his personal journey of exploring the culinary secrets of his ancestors.

The tools he developed during his early days of teaching the Italian language to Australian school students have been refined over the last 16 years to be integrated into the incursions we provide today.

Luca teaches all of our language & cooking courses – he knows how to capture the attention and interest of students and is an energetic and engaging teacher.

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What Our Clients Say…

“As always Luca and his staff were wonderful with our students. They were able to adapt to the different restrictions and extra Covid safe protocols our school had in place, as well as having their own, which meant our student’s experience was as good as always, if not better.”


Head of Languages
Knox Grammar School

“Luca hosted a Japanese cooking incursion at our school for the fourth time this year, leaving a lasting impression on me and my students. Particularly with Covid safe protocols, Luca was responsible and innovative to make sure students enjoyed both the cooking experience while being extra safe and hygenic. My students remember the event as one of their fondest memories at school. Grazie, Luca!”


Language Coordinator
Tyndale Christian College

“Luca was an engaging performer teaching recipes in two target languages: French and Japanese. The students loved the taste of the foods and the historic links that were explained. During Covid Luca made sure that protective clothing was provided to all involved. So rewarding to watch the fun unfold! Will be doing this annually!”


Language Teacher
Warner’s Bay High School